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New Electric and Acoustic Guitars for sale

NEW Tradition Electrics

         NEW Ventura Acoustics

              NEW Ventura Acoustic/Electric guitars

                    USED Guitars for Sale

G1200 Pro

Pro Series, Tobacco Sunburst, Solid 

North American Swamp Ash body, 

Flamed Maple cap. Three piece 

Canadian Maple neck with 8º angle 

on the headstock, Maple Fret 

Board. Grover® Roto Grip Locking 

tuners, GraphTech® Nut, Tradition 

Vintage Single Coil pickups with 

Luxe® bumble Bee cap, .022mfd, 

400 vdc. Trem King® Fixed Bridge 

Vibrato. Nickel hardware

G1200 Pro

Pro Series, Black Cherry Sunburst, 

Solid North American Swamp Ash 

body, Flamed Maple cap. Three 

piece Canadian Maple neck with 8º 

angle on the headstock, Rosewood 

Fret Board. Grover® Roto Grip 

Locking tuners, GraphTech® Nut, 

Tradition Vintage Single Coil 

pickups with Luxe® bumble Bee 

cap, .022mfd, 400 vdc. Trem 

King® Fixed Bridge Vibrato. 

Nickel hardware

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