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Need help identifying your Tradition® electric guitar or bass?


NOTE: Tradition Guitars, Inc. ONLY makes Electric Guitars and Basses. We

do NOT make Acoustic guitars. If you have an Acoustic guitar with the name 'Tradition' on it and a serial number similar to 'fc191201359' and a model number similar to 'tg980eqnat', your guitar was distributed by a company called Kief Co. in Vancouver, Canada and we have no information on it.


Serial Number Format - if your guitar or bass has an 8 digit serial number on the back of the headstock, it can be read as follows: YYMMXXXX

Example: 03051234 would be May 2003, production 1234

But that is only the Manufacture date. 

But I only have a 4 Digit serial number? -

To identify the model name and number please send pics and known information to Identify My Tradition. We'll get back with you as quickly as possible (within the week).


Click on a year and see catalog or price list for that year.

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