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About Us

Circa mid 1990's - family owned music stores were under stress due to the onslaught of big box stores. Then, in a near fatal blow, big guitar companies started cancelling decades-old agreements with mom and pop shops, in favor of high volume corporate store sales.

It was against this backdrop in 1998 that music industry friends across three states pulled together to establish Tradition® Guitars, Inc. In the beginning, they'd hoped to manufacture popular guitar body styles for sale exclusively to independent music store owners. Fortunately, what they wound up with is a full-line of boutique quality guitars, basses and accessories built for professionals, priced low enough for students. They are still available through neighborhood music stores - Check our list of Dealers. Tradition® Guitar products are also available through international distributors and through this website

The company's been operating out of Texas since 2009, and an original partner and his wife are now sole owners of Tradition® Guitars, Inc.

In 2015 we moved to Beautiful South Carolina. We will continue to offer great Sales and Service to all our Loyal Players. Call 803-546-6400. ***NEW PHONE NUMBER

Patty Bickford, Owner of Tradition® Guitars, Inc.
Rusty Bickford, Trem King® LLC
Patty & Rusty Bickford with Willie Smith of Tradition Guitars.
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