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NOTICE: We are NOT located

in Burleson, TX. Can't get Google to change it...

We moved to South Carolina

in 2015

Please contact via email:

or phone (803) 546-6400

SINCE 1998, TRADITION® GUITARS HAS BUILT A LOT OF DIFFERENT MODELS. Click on the Link Above to help you find Your Guitar. 


CALL for Current List

New & Used Acoustic and Electric

Guitars are available from our new


• Excellent Service & Repair for

acoustic and electric guitars, other
stringed instruments too. 

We Now Sell Ventura Acoustic Guitars Acoustic and Acoustic Electric guitars available at GREAT prices! 

Since 1998 Tradition Guitars, Inc. has been building Affordable, Dependable electric guitars that are used by Professional Musicians and Beginners alike. Known for their 'Stage and Studio Ready' build, Tradition Guitars really perform.

Restore your Tradition Guitar -Do you have an older model Tradition Guitar that needs OEM parts? We might just have what you need. Coming Soon on the Parts Page.

Check out Austin Allsup's New CD 'Sink or Swim' Now Available

Austin Allsup and his new tunes
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